Company profile

  Chongqing Qiang solid construction engineering co., LTD. Is mainly engaged in building structure reinforcement reinforcement、Fireproof plugging、Waterproof and new anchor sales and technical services for the integration of high-tech enterprises。
  Chongqing construction reinforcementThe company has strong technical strength,The advanced construction equipment and modern management,Have a good team,The team in the reinforcement industry has ten years of history,Accumulated very rich experience,Has successively participated in the involved civil、Industry、Electric power、The traffic、Communications industry such as the construction of more than five hundred engineering and get the general customers the consistent high praise,At the same time the company also with foreign many well-known manufacturers and research institutes maintained a long-term cooperation relationship,Get a lot of new breakthroughs in this field。We sincerely ready to“The fine quality,The most advanced technology”The project of service for you!

  The main managing range of the chongqing construction reinforcement:

      A、Reinforcement and structural reform(Can be engaged in the reinforcement of civil engineering)

             1、Planting bar……

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